EUROPACK also understands itself as a trading company. We offer all the equipment and components which are required for the smooth production, filling, automation, for transfer, storage and distribution. From the individual package via versatile accessories to the complete specific equipment:

  • Packages and Closures
  • Labels
  • Cartons (incl. the Optimization of Pallets)
  • Containers and Tanks made of steel and of plastic for the storage and for the transport
  • Accessories for Blending, Lifting, Moving, Filling, Draining, etc.
  • Transfer Systems (piggable distributors, pipeline systems and pumping systems)
  • Filling and Packing Technique (Filling Machines, Inkjet Printers, Separators, Closers, Labelling Machines, Cartonizers, Palletizers)
  • Automation Techniques (Drum and IBC Decanting Units DDU, ABB, AMBB, SMB, ILB, Mixers)
  • Machines for Package Production (Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding Machines)

Please inform us about your plans and ideas and let us have your requirements. We will deliver the required articles or will work out for you an efficient complete solution which, upon your request, will be precisely matched to your logistics as well.